iPhone 4: Black vs White

Posted by Arnold A. | 9:59 PM |

There's a couple of questions when the white version of iPhone 4 came out. What's the best iPhone 4, the Black iPhone 4 or the Black iPhone 4? In my own opinion, there's no difference between the two iPhone 4 in terms of it's features, you can do Facetime using front and rear camera, the Retina-display is present, all of the features of black iPhone 4 is also present in the white iPhone 4. The only difference of the white and black iPhone 4 is the color.
Are you having a hard time choosing what color of iPhone 4 will you purchase? If you want to be more classy and elegant, pick the Black iPhone 4, but if you want to be more cool and famous, pick the white iPhone4.

Nokia N97 Specification

Posted by Arnold A. | 8:21 AM |

Now, everyone love touchscreen phones and they are looking for an all-in-one phone which they can use for communication, music, video and internet browsing, Nokia N97 is the all-in-one smartphone that is fit for you. The N97 is the competitor of the world's owning phone which is the iPhone 3Gs, but there's another smartphone that is joining the rivalry of the two smartphones and it is the Sony Ericsson XPRERIA. 
What's good about this phone is, it has a full-QWERTY keyboard which you can use when you slide the side phone to the right. It also has a dual-camera which you can use in your video calls and you can also use it as GPS. The price of this phone is around  $460, and I think the price will drop soon by the mid-year.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 Specification

Posted by Arnold A. | 12:28 AM |

Another touchscreen phone here, Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1. This mobile phone has a full-QWERTY slide keyboard which you can use when you're in a landscape mode. All-in-one phone, I think, because it has the all the features you are looking for a mobile phone. The price of this phone is around $400.

Samsung Star S530 Specification

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Samsung Star S530 is a touchscreen phone which doesn't have WLAN and 3G features. However, other Samsung Star has WLAN or the Wi-Fi feature but it doesn't have 3G. The camera of this mobile phone doesn't have a flash or any ability to auto-focus but it has an ability to detect smiles. The memory of this phone is expandable to 16GB and that's great for a mobile phone or smartphone.

Nokia 5530 Xpress Music Specification

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If you are on a tight budget and want to have a touchscreen phone with WLAN or Wi-Fi connectivity, Nokia 5530 Xpress Music is better for you, for just around $170-180 you can have this touchscreen phone. Nokia 5530 Xpress Music is good for Multimedia and Web-Browsing, it also has a Hand-Writing recognition by using the phone's Stylus. The bad thing about this touchscreen phone is it doesn't have a 3G connectivity but it have a WLAN feature which is the good thing.

It's a good buy if you choose this phone and it's very affordable for a touchscreen phone. For you to know the specification of this phone, I provide you a copy from GSMArena which is the best site for Phone Specifications.